Deep Tissue Massage

 Deep Tissue Massage

Most people have tightness, chronic pain, or other issues that benefit from Deep Tissue massage. Deep Tissue massage should NOT be painful – we work with your comfort level, applying pressure and deep strokes or compressions to release the contractions of muscle bundles. Deep Tissue massage affect the various layers of fascia that support and separate all muscle tissue. Long deep strokes assist tight muscles to fully extend and relax, allowing the body to return to its own natural alignment. Deep compressions are done gradually without pain to release muscle tension and knots. Deep Tissue is also used along with your Physical Therapy to address current issues and prevent scar tissue from forming after an injury or surgery. 

Our experienced therapists use Deep Tissue and Deep Compressions along with other massage techniques such as Swedish/Circulatory to give you a complete therapeutic massage.  Just let us know where you have chronic issues or pain so we can address your specific needs.  You don’t need to live in chronic pain or have restricted range of motion, call us to see how we can help you live a better quality of life!!